How would you like your life to improve?

  • Would you like to be able to finally stop smoking?

  • Are there habits you’d like to stop, or new habits you want to start, but can’t make them stick?

  • Are you lacking in self-confidence and need a boost?

  • Do you find yourself having feelings that you’re ‘not good enough’ or ‘not capable enough’?

  • Are you frustrated that you’ve tried to lose weight and get fit, but keep putting the weight back on?

  • Do you find you have repeating thoughts that keep bothering you, always replaying in your mind?


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Change your thoughts … change your feelings … change your life

Having successfully helped hundreds of clients to make great changes to their lives, I’m confident that I can help you to get your life back on track again.

Working with the latest methods available means you can begin to notice improvements in your thoughts and feelings far quicker than you may have expected.


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What’s going on in your life that you want to change?



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Many clients already helped

I have worked with many hundreds of clients, helping them to create change in many areas of their lives. Contact me and we can see how your life could improve too.

I’ve lost count of the times that someone’s told me they “can’t” change, and then, after a short while, amazing changes have taken place for them.

It’s your turn now

Whether you perhaps think that, “this kind of thing won’t work for me”, or perhaps you know someone who, “tried that hypnosis stuff once before and nothing changed”, this is your life and your big chance to make massive and permanent changes.

You don’t have to understand how hypnosis or BWRT® works, all you need to be is open to the possibility that you just might change your life – and then enjoy the process.

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If you would like to find out whether hypnosis or BWRT® could help you, contact me today.

You may be surprised to discover how those limiting issues that have been troubling you could finally be resolved, very quickly.



Are you desperate to stop smoking?

The HypnoQuit® quit smoking programme incorporates a 24-month quit support guarantee.

This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ method but will be tailored to fit with the reasons why you want to quit and all of the triggers that you feel are keeping you stuck as a smoker.

Click on the button below to find out about how powerful and effective my HypnoQuitTM programme is and to see how quickly you too could become a non-smoker, just like my previous ex-smoking clients.

Discover how HypnoQuit helps you to quit


What conditions can be helped with hypnosis and BWRT®?

The short answer is, “Quite a few more than you might have imagined.” Many of us put up with feeling or thinking a certain way “because that’s how we are” without ever realising change is possible.


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Clients are changing lives every day – don’t you owe it to yourself to find out how you could benefit too?


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What is BWRT®?

Perhaps you’ve not yet heard about BWRT® and the results that qualified practitioners are obtaining for their clients:

  • BWRT® is a very modern therapeutic way of creating permanent resolution of troubling thoughts and feelings.

  • BWRT® does not use hypnosis and you can keep your thoughts totally secret – I won’t need to know what you’re thinking about.

  • BWRT® is fast too, with many clients reporting significant change in very few sessions.

To find out more, here are links to both my own BWRT® website BWRT Peterborough and a link to the official Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®


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Imagine how you’d feel once you’ve finally dealt with the issues that are troubling you.

To find out more about how BWRT® and hypnosis may be able to help you to change your life for the better call 07563 674275 or contact me direct.


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