About Charles Stevenson

charles stevenson peterborough hypnosis

For many years now I’ve been involved in helping people to overcome things they felt unable to deal with by themselves, having initially become interested in how change was possible when I first visited a hypnotherapist in the mid 1990’s to try to discover why I was stuck repeating various patterns in my life.

I was a mixture of anger, mixed with low self-confidence, plus a dose of ‘attitude’ as well. Not very nice to be around, apparently!

  It was after those first sessions that significant changes occurred in my life and the more I studied the subject the more I felt this was something that I wanted to work with to help other people too.  Having used coaches and hypnotists to help me take my life and career forward I’ve continued to work with clients to take them on a journey of change and reward too.

As have many other coaches and therapists, I’ve written a book, appeared on local radio and delivered various training courses both to therapists, members of the public and to corporate clients. I’m still learning, as much as from my clients as myself and enjoy the process immensely.

Currently I’m exploring how to keep one’s mind and one’s body as healthy as possible for the rest of our lives – I’m a young 50 year old and so I’ve got another 50 years or so to plan for – and I’d love to help you keep yourself fit and healthy too.