For daytime weekday appointments my standard fee rate is £70 per appointment.

I reserve the right to charge an additional amount for appointments away from my consulting rooms and for late evening or weekend appointments.

Whilst every client’s situation is different, it’s highly possible that we will be able to successfully deal with your challenges in 1-4 sessions, however, for certain issues a longer course of treatment may be required.

Once we’ve spoken I’ll then be able to provide you with an honest assessment of the timescales that I feel are appropriate for resolution of your problem.

For clients who want to stop smoking the fee for the HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme, which includes pre-appointment information, your main HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme appointment with an if required follow-up appointment at any time in the 12 months is £199 and for further information about the full package contained within the HypnoQuit® programme please visit my webpage here on this site or my separate stop smoking website.



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