Have you ever thought of losing weight and getting fitter?

Perhaps you’ve already tried quite a few diets but none have ever given you the long-term results you’ve been looking for. The weight that came off just seemed to pile back on within a few months, with sometimes a few more pounds as well for good measure.

It’s weird that. But surely by now researchers would have created the “perfect” diet, if one was really possible. So, have you ever wondered why there are so many diet books available, but none of them ever seem to work?

The reason all diets eventually is simply because you have to remember to keep to them. Hypnosis could be the way that will work for you because it’s different since it could help to re-programme your mind so that you could end up thinking about food and eating quite differently.

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Even if you’ve already spent many years trying to deal with your weight and whatever diets you’ve tried in the past, you could finally overcome your weight problems with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnothin hypnosis for weight loss could be the right way for you. It could finally become possible for you to be thinner again and you could find your weight effortlessly and easily adjusting to a new level that is right for the new you.

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If you ask a group of yo-yo dieters, the number one reason they give for stopping with their programmes is usually that they forgot to remember to keep to them. Hypnosis, however, is different because it could reprogramme your mind so everything happens automatically.

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Hypnothin works with you and for you

Just as your thoughts and habits around eating are specific to you, the reasons underpinning those habits are also personal to your experiences of life.

This means that by working with the specific triggers and activities that you link to your undesirable eating habits, along with the reasons why you now want to change those habits, we could create an unstoppable momentum for change.

The hypnothin approach takes those specific triggers and reasons to change and uses them to ensure you could easily and effortlessly begin to change the way you think and act around food.

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Is it like the hypno-band approach?

The Hypno-Band Hypnotherapy system was designed for clients who fall into the Obese range, which is clients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more.

Whilst the approach can be used with clients who have a lower BMI i.e. >25, it is usually found that there are emotional, motivational and psychological elements that best addressed using a different hypnosis approach.

weight-loss-expert-hypnotist-01The hypnothin approach, however, does not require you to imagine you have undergone any medical procedures, or that your body has had a gastric-band fitted.

It could help you to cease yo-yo dieting and chasing the “next great diet” and finally shed those last but frustrating pounds that don’t seem to want to disappear.

Once you’ve been able to resolve those old habits and behaviours, including some that you might not even have noticed you had, you could find yourself with no further interest in continuing with any of the old, less than useful eating habits of your past.

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Simply by releasing your mind from having to react to those things that used to make you eat you could find yourself letting go of any old, out of date emotional connections with eating and food.

This could therefore mean that eating food could become a natural and neutral process, free from any emotional baggage or confusion and simply something to enjoy without feeling bad or guilty about.

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