Yes, you too could quit smoking with hypnotherapy

When you stop smoking you are going to feel so much healthier.

Let me put it to you simply – If you smoke you are a prize fool and you’re paying your favourite tobacco company a lot of cash so you can die a hideous death.

Now that, my friend, is plain stupid!

If you want to play about with pretending to quit by using e-sigs, be my guest. Just remember, however, that you’re really swapping one habit or addiction for another, otherwise why couldn’t you just stop wasting your cash on the e-sigs too?

Wouldn’t it be better for your long-term health and self-confidence to quit both cigarettes and e-sigs for good?

With Charles Stevenson at Hypnotherapy in Peterborough you will be assured of the most modern hypnosis techniques to provide you with the best possible chance to quit.

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Hypnosis can be a most effortless, relaxing and calming way to enable you to become a non-smoker

With hypnosis it’s possible that someone like you, a regular, long-term smoker could find themselves being able to stop smoking easily without any of the following:

  • e-sigs or electronic cigarettes
  • patches
  • sprays
  • inhalers
  • gum
  • lozenges or sweets
  • microtabs

Each of those methods keeps you stuck in the belief that your body wants nicotine. With hypnosis, however, you could find yourself breaking free from that old smoking habit without needing to use any of those temporary crutches. Once you realise this you’ll find that it could be very easy to stop smoking with hypnosis because it’s:

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Has no need to rely just upon willpower
  • Doesn’t cause weight gain

hypnoquit™ can help with a variety of smoked substances

The hypnoquit™ stop smoking process can also help people stop smoking cannabis.

Every day around 300 people in the UK die from smoking related illnesses

That’s the equivalent of a Boeing 747 crashing with no survivors

Sure you still want that next cigarette?

stop smoking and change your life

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Follow-up support package

Before contacting me many of my stop smoking clients had already many different ways to quit but for various reasons they were unsuccessful and so they continued to smoke.

Perhaps you too are thinking, “This won’t work for me”, which is why I created my follow-up quit support package.

All hypnoquit™ stop smoking clients are entitled to up to 4 appointments for the single stop smoking fee payment

Rather than simply repeat what we’ve already done in the first session, those up to three subsequent sessions will be used to explore further the reasons why you want to quit, and also your reasons to stay a smoker, since I can’t make you stop and you need to be fully committed to the process for it to happen.

I don’t to fill my diary up with unnecessary follow-up sessions, but do offer this to give my want-to-quit clients peace of mind.

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Your investment for the Hypnoquit™ stop smoking programme is a single payment of £215.  With the average price for a packet of twenty cigarettes now at over £8 that over £240 per month, so you can see how quickly you’re going to recoup your investment, with the health benefits staying with you for the rest of your life.

hypnoquit™ – the stop smoking programme

Imagine how clear, clean and fresh your mouth, throat and lungs would feel again. Think how great you would feel, finally being able to say to people, “I am now a non-smoker.”

Whether you’re 11, 41 or 81, whether you smoke 5, 25 or 65 a day and however many years you’ve smoked, you could become free from wanting to smoke, ever again.

So if you’re frustrated and sick and tired of being a smoker and want to stop, then make the decision to change your life today. With hypnoquit™ you too could finally become a non-smoker.