Am I too old to quit smoking?

Every so often I receive an enquiry from someone where the conversation goes something like this…

“I’d been thinking about contacting you for quite a while, a few years actually. You’d helped a friend of mine to quit, but I thought I was too old by now for ‘it’ to work.”

And when I hear that, on the one hand I’m very pleased they’ve summoned up the courage to contact me, but on the other hand I’m disappointed to realise that they’ve continued to smoke for those extra weeks (or years sometimes), when we could have helped them to quit long before today.

If you’re thinking of smoking but you too feel you’ve left it ‘too late’ or if you have a friend or a family member who’s perhaps thinking that way too, then this video may help to nudge them in the right direction.

In this video I mention one of my oldest stop smoking clients – along with their reasons for quitting.

Once you’ve watched it comment below your reasons for quitting – or for not yet getting around to actually ‘doing it’.

Or if you prefer you can get in touch with me direct.

Suggestion: Share this video with someone who you know’s always talking about smoking, but who feel’s they can’t quit – there’s ALWAYS a way.

I help people to quit smoking in 60 minutes without withdrawal feelings or cravings & with no willpower required.

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