Whilst it’s absolutely ok to be angry at appropriate times, misplaced anger or feelings of anger that you cannot let out can cause very many problems in your body.

The build up of anger is known to cause physical symptoms, such as chemical changes in the body leading to headaches, tension and if left unresolved for long enough, possibly a heart-attack.

Many people find that their jobs or lives are full of situations that they find make them angry and with no way to let it out that anger can grow and grow until they feel like they are going to explode.

That anger can then spill out into their lives in the most unexpected and unnecessary ways. By this time anger management is sometimes too late.

Symptoms of anger include:

  • Being quick to react to comments made or imagined

  • Expecting other people to instantly understand your needs or demands

  • Inability to wait more than a short time in a queue before, for example, walking off or putting the telephone down

  • Reacting dangerously whilst driving, including wanting to ‘get back’ at other drivers for apparent indiscretions or errors they have made.

If those comments above resonate with how you feel sometimes, then it is quite possible that you have issues with your ability to deal with or discharge anger.

With hypnosis and BWRT® it’s be possible to release the old patterns of anger and unblocks your mind in many ways meaning that you find yourself no longer “on autopilot”, free from having to be angry all the time.

This in turn releases the tensions in your body, so you find you can relax easier and quicker.  Contact me for an informal discussion about how this could help you.


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