In the image-conscious times of today it is understandable for anyone to measure how good they are or how valued they are, by how they look.

Everywhere we look we see adverts, television programmes, music videos and suchlike, each of which attempts to portray the right look, or image that ‘they’ say you must have.

If we are not feeling that good about ourselves, perhaps worrying about things that are going on in our lives, then it is all to easy for those messages about how we should look to take on a powerful controlling influence over us.

When that happens, we can too easily get caught up in skipping meals, eating smaller and smaller portions, or eating and then being sick, all in an attempt to achieve some target weight when ‘it will all be ok’.


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But ‘ok’ never arrives. Whatever weight we can slim down to, there is always another lump or bump to lose, or another diet to try out.  Slowly, day by day, we can find that our attention is drawn ever more forcefully to how we feel about our shape and size – and anorexia nervosa is the result

Since a side-effect of under-eating is that it upsets our emotional balance, feeling bad and not eating means we end up feeling worse and then eating less and less. I’m sure you can feel how that cycle carries on going around and around, and can take you down into a very unhealthy and dangerous place.

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and BWRT® are very effective at allowing your powerful and clever unconscious mind, the part that’s trying to help you by reminding you to cut down on food, to have an opportunity to develop new and more useful ways of helping you to become healthier again.

This liberating and releasing process will also allow you to bring out the thoughts and feelings around eating so that they will no longer cause you to carry on acting in the way you do.


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