If you’re affected by anxiety, then watch this video I’ve recorded and then read the information below.

I’d love to be able to help you with your anxiety and have had great results with other clients so feel free to contact me and ask me anything.

It’s not just you

How we react emotionally to thoughts or experiences is something which is triggered deep within the oldest parts of our brains.

That part of the brain, the reptilian brain, as it’s called, has been estimated to have first evolved around 350 million years ago.

That primitive, basic mind had only three responses to any negative experience, it makes us either fight, freeze or run away.

Whilst we’ve long since developed additional parts of the brain developed, they all do their work AFTER that fight, freeze or run away response has been triggered.

That’s why you’ve probably had that feeling of being ‘out of control’, as-if you’re being driven by your thoughts to be anxious.

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It’s not surprising, therefore, to discover that very many people suffer from anxiety, often suffering in silence or trying to arrange the whole of their lives to avoid particular experiences, people or places.

Anxiety is actually something that affects many species at different times in their lives. Many researchers have shown that it is not us humans, but other animals that can exhibit anxiety if placed in stressful conditions.

Although being stressed sometimes is part of most people’s lives, anxiety is an all-powerful feeling that seems to take over every waking moment.

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You can be free from anxiety

Whilst feelings of anxiety might have started because of some experience or feeling in the past, once we start to feel anxious that feeling never seems to go fully away.

Or if it does, then we seem to live in fear of it returning.

Then we can find that many little things can trigger the anxiety, sometimes things that to others would appear trivial or insignificant but to us can take on a massive significance in our lives.

Many anxious people say that they feel they are always waiting, planning and looking for the next reason to be anxious or to worry.

Change is possible

If you are an anxious person or someone who suffers from anxiety attacks, then this can stop.

Significant changes can be made, often within just a few sessions.

Together they can help by calming your feelings so that you won’t find yourself becoming anxious all the time or over the littlest events.

Many other clients already helped

Whilst every person I work with may have different reasons for their anxiety, it’s quite possible to reduce or change those feelings so they no longer bother you. 

Whether you’re someone who’s been anxious for decades, or whether it’s something that’s just started to bother you, contact me for an in-confidence discussion about how change could happen for you too.

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