Are you emotionally colour blind?

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Can you imagine what it’s like to only feel in black and white, to be effectively emotionally colour blind?

When I think of emotions I like to imagine them as a selection of colours just like how an artist uses colours to create a picture.

A dab of blue there, a stroke of red there, mix in some white over there & add some green in the corner there.

When you get too up close, however, those colours can look like discordant bumps or ridges on the canvas of our life, but when we stand back and allow ourselves to have a better perspective, a bigger picture unfolds.

Sometimes clients say to me, “I wish I could stop feeling X all the time” and whilst I know what they mean, that’s not really the best way to think about this issue.

That’s because it’d be rather like a painter wanting to never ever use a particular colour ever again.

overcoming emotional colour blindness

It’s as if that would be like a painter taking every tube of that shade & throw it away.

It makes the way they can express themselves more restricted & as such, harder for them to express, through their painting, what they’re feeling.

And in just the same way, it’s important to ensure we’ve got the ability to express the full range of colours / feelings we have, not so that we splurge a whole tube of paint out in one go (such as blowing up and being angry, sad, depressed or suchlike all the time) but ensure we’re able to choose what colours to add into our paintings, or to keep back in the palette for when necessary.

Those colours don’t just crop up in our paintings, they also appear in some more subtle, and also less subtle ways.

How to tell if you’re emotionally colour blind

Consider how some people say they always want to wear one shade of clothing (invariably Black); how might they feel exploring trying out wearing something completely different …

… and if that’s you & the very idea of doing that conjures up any feelings of discomfort for you, good!

Just imagine how many ways your life would change if you could become emotionally more colourful.

Tell me about them in a reply below – or you can get in touch direct if you’d prefer.

And think about the way that many totalitarian regimes enforce clothing styles so everyone confirms and any dissension in the ranks sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.

And so if you’d like to explore a new way of learning to paint, perhaps I may be able to show you a trick or two to help your pictures stand out from the canvas more.

Let me know your thoughts, the more colourful the answer the better!

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