Are you looking forward to flying out for your holiday this year?

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Well, we’re very much into the holiday season & so are you someone who’s soon to be flying out from the UK to somewhere (even more) hotter and sunnier?

If you are, firstly, remember to pack your sunscreen, and secondly, if you’re having worrying thoughts or feelings of panic about the flight itself that’s something I’ve become quite a specialist at dealing with over the years.

Each year I find there’s usually a steady flow of enquiries from people who ask if that “hypnosis thing” can help them to overcome the fear of flying feelings they’ve been having every time they take a flight.

Some of these people are young, and others are people that have been suffering with fear of flying for decades.

If you’d like to be able to experience the whole flying event (since many clients report in the weeks before their flight their fear is always nagging away in the back of their mind) then I’d love to be able to help you.

It’s often those things we think we can’t change that provide a wonderful opportunity to grow & most clients say they’ve found they could deal with other things too, such is the power of hypnosis.


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