Are you someone who believes cannabis smokers can’t quit with hypnosis?

Ping. Another text message received. “Can you help me to quit using cannabis with hypnosis?”

And then begins the opportunity for me to help turn a clients life around – but first I may need to help them to overcome the disinformation they may have thought was true.

“Will it work for me?”

I regularly receive enquiries from cannabis or weed users wanting to quit. I can feel the, but every so often I receive a call from a smoker who asks, “Can your HypnoQuit Programme help me to quit smoking cannabis?”

It’s as if that person’s falling into the trap of believing their habit is somehow different from all the other users out there.

And so the answer is the same as I give to tobacco smokers, quite probably, yes – quitting smoking with hypnosis IS possible.

Sidenote: This is rather like the situation I find often occurs when someone may feel they’re the one person that won’t be able to overcome anxiety, lose weight, or quit a phobia – even though thousands of others have achieved just that. I talk about that more on my coaching website here.

NB: No hypnotherapist can or should guarantee their results as advertising standards do not allow this. My testimonials page goes into this in further detail.

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It’s unfortunate, therefore, that many cannabis users believe they are somehow ‘different’ and are stuck with there habit until the day they die.

Not so & there are various research studies which show that it’s quite possible to become a happy non-smoker with the help of hypnosis.

Although there are various medical benefits attributed to cannabis, for many users they don’t take it for medical reasons, it’s simply a habit they’ve started & now want to stop, but can’t.

The problem with cannabis & an issue which doesn’t apply to tobacco is that it can mess with your mind.

Research (along with comments from users) confirms that it can disturb your sleep and can make you depressed. Some clients expressed feeling anxious, panicky, and even aggressive.

They also found themselves seeing & hearing things which weren’t there & it can also cause hours or even days of anxiety, paranoia, delusions and hallucinations.

Cannabis use by those with certain mental issues such as schizophrenia can cause a serious relapse.

Worse still, regular cannabis use has been shown to increase the risk of developing psychotic illnesses including schizophrenia.

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This is amplified if there’s already any family background of mental illness.

Cannabis affects the way your brain functions, meaning it becomes harder to learn and concentrate and research has linked cannabis use to poor exam results.

Again, this is worse if taken when young as the brain is still developing.

All of this can be overcome with the HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme.

If you’d like to find out more or if you’ve any questions reply below or contact me here for an in-confidence reply.

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