Assertiveness means being able to stand up for your rights without trampling over others. Assertiveness also means being able to stop someone else pushing you around and trampling over you.

It is a skill we all should be able to learn as children, partly by example from our adult care-givers and also by trial and error in school and such places.

However, if we grow up in a family or home where our key adults were not able to be assertive, perhaps tending towards being aggressive or submissive, then we may not learn how to assert our own rights to be ourselves.

Parallel to this, if our school-time is spent in classrooms which are populated by aggressive or bullying children or adults, this will further reduce our chances of learning how to be assertive.

Unfortunately, however, past experiences can build up a pattern of letting others take advantage of us.

These patterns once learnt become automatic and therefore we can fall into the trap of not noticing when we let others take advantage of us or not being aware of when we are taking advantage of others.

Even when our lack of assertiveness results in poor quality or failed relationships we can still continue along, oblivious to how we are acting.

The good news is that patterns can be broken, changed, so that they no longer make you act in the old way that you used to behave.

Hypnosis with BWRT combines to form a very powerful tool to help us to release you from old patterns, so that you can become assertive again and take control of your future.

Once you begin to understand how and where you slip between assertiveness, aggressiveness and submissiveness then you can take back control of your emotions and live your life free from the manipulation and undue influence of others.

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