What is transformational life coaching?

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Many times people can begin to feel there's more to life than what they're doing, as if they need to stop, and re-evaluate their path and future actions. If that's you then taking time to set or clarify your goals is a very rewarding and inspiring process. Doing this won't require you to spend hours reviewing past problems and blocks, since we focus on where you want to get to, what…

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Life coaching creates permanent results in people’s lives

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How Soon - How Quick - How Long? When working with my therapy clients we usually meet for no more than two to five weekly sessions - blockage found, blockage removed, problem solved. Coaching is different.  When I take on a coaching client we will usually work together for an initial period of between three, six or twelve months and during this time I operate a 'virtually unlimited' coaching arrangement. When we…

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It’s important that you work with someone that you trust and who successfully helped people overcome issues such as you are feeling challenged by. Be careful, however, of reading too much into testimonials that appear on websites.  Whilst most are real some have been found to be either made up or “borrowed” from their training institutions. Those latter types are effectively saying that whilst coaching or hypnosis has worked for…

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Therapy or Coaching – what’s the difference?

To outsiders of the 'personal development industry' it's often hard to identify the difference between coaching and therapy so I'll set out how I express the difference here. Should you choose therapy or coaching? Therapy Therapy, or more specifically, psychotherapy using hypnosis, NLP or other related techniques, has developed out from earlier models designed to help people overcome a variety of 'mental health' challenges. Depending upon which country you live…

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Make it easy to hit your goals – cheat a little

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There is a wealth of information, and disinformation, written about goals and goal setting, frankly there's enough 'out there' to confuse anybody. Many of the approaches follow a similar framework, which basically involve listing in some format all of your as yet unachieved targets for the future, along with the reasons why you want them and by when you want these goals to be slam-dunk certainties. And whilst that method…

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Anxiety – why it exists and how it helps us

Anxiety is a fascinating subject and one that this post will only begin to explore. Some people hate it and will do everything they can to avoid it, whereas others find it spurs them on to achieve more. I myself used to hate it. As a pre-teen child in primary school I still remember those feelings about going to school (I hated it) and how there'd be children I'd try…

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How to re-build your confidence

This is something which I'll be re-visiting again in subsequent posts, but wanted to write something quick here. There are many ways that problems in confidence show up in our lives. Sometimes we begin to doubt what we should be doing, other-times we act big or tough to cover up our lack of confidence. Whilst we would all like to have grown up in a loving family with loving parents…

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What is self-esteem anyway?

It's all to easy for our self-esteem, our self-belief to be damaged or hurt by comments or actions of others. Sometimes we can even get into the habit of putting ourselves down, for no apparent reason. Those feelings can be like water wearing away the surface of cliffs. Individually the water droplets don’t do much, but day after day, year after year, the long-term effects are to wear away the…

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