Bullying happens. It does.

Many times schools deny it, families deny it, even people that know it’s happening deny it, and then those on the receiving end of the bully’s anger have to suffer in silence.

Sometimes we don’t even realise that what had been happening, back then, was actually bullying. It’s as if things can go on for so long that it becomes just normal, as if “that’s the way it is ’round here”.

But the effects of those hours, days, or even years of bullying can continue to effect us, all the way into our adult lives.

Those effects can make us act, sometimes too tough, other-times too weak, perhaps even sometimes confused and stuck, not knowing how to deal with things.


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Bullying exists wherever someone is taking advantage of someone else and making them feel small, inferior or unimportant.

Quite often there are threats of violence or abuse, and can include actual theft from the person being bullied.

Because of embarrassment, fear of reprisal or simply not knowing what to say or how to say it, bullied children or adults often ‘switch off’ and try to ignore what is happening.

Whilst many people believe bullying is something which affects just children they would be surprised to realise just how many adults also are subject to its effects.

Every day thousands of adults suffer verbal or physical abuse, perhaps from bosses, work colleagues, customers, or members of their families.

Many times those bullies are so covert and so clever, that those people who are bullied do not actually recognise it as such.

It is only when they look back over a period of time and replay various events that they begin to understand how they are being mistreated or manipulated.

Sometimes, because we had believed the bully to be our friend we are prone to dismissing those initial thoughts.

‘They wouldn’t do that to us’ we say. However, it is only when we recognise what is happening and face-up to the truth that we can begin to take back control of our lives and emotions.

Hypnotherapy and BWRT® are together very effective at breaking through the cycles and patterns of bullying so that you can stop people taking advantage of you any more.

Once you have been able to acknowledge that the bullying is taking place you are well-placed to begin to arrange its stoppage.

Many clients find that as they develop better coping skills and more flexible ways of responding to their bullies, those bullies back down and go away.

If you think that some of the actions that you carry out could be seen as bullying by others, then you too can find hypnotherapy very effective to help you come to terms with why bullying is something you are doing and then it can help you to stop the patterns continuing any longer.


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