“But why does it take me take so long to lose weight?”

Most of the weight loss clients I work with have already spent a lot of time and money on trying various methods to lose weight.

These usually include such ‘wonderful’ approaches as, following the ideas in diet books, joining weight loss clubs, or jumping onto the latest quick-fix idea some celebrity has said worked for them.

But my clients have found that each time these ‘perfect’ solutions weren’t perfect in the long term & and any short-term weight loss has slowly gone back the other way, sometimes adding on a few extra pounds too, sort of like a penalty for even trying to get slimmer.

Many of the methods they’ve tried might have been successful for some people, (although some are just plain dangerous), however, without getting our thoughts in order too, there’s very chance of a long term good result from just altering how we eat.

It’s a problem I see all the time, made worse by our desire for an instant result, but that’s not how our bodies function.

When we try to lose weight quicker than our bodies feel is safe it will go into a safety mode and will slow down any weight loss. Yes, that’s right. Your desire for a quick result means you’ll end up taking longer than if you’d tried a more sensible approach!


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Often, and just like all-too-often remember situations in changing rooms, clients have been trying to fit themselves into diets that are too small, or too much just one type of food, or with such a skimpy frequency that it’s a wonder they’ve not made themselves ill in the process … oh, wait a minute, many of them do just that too!

It’s only when clients are willing to accept that everything they’ve tried up until now hasn’t worked, that they’re going to be ready to explore some of the more important issues, such as why they’re eating as they do & how by changing those thoughts, their body will change too.

You see, I don’t give out magic pills or quick fix solutions, nor do I suggest you wrap yourself in the latest ‘fat removing’ treatment.

No, that’s not my way, but the way I work ensures my clients do get to the place they want to be, much quicker than any other methods they’d tried in the past.

By focusing upon the three part combination of mind, diet & exercise you’ll discover how easy it can be (yes, easy) to move down to the size you’ve been hankering for over all these years.

It’s as if once we stop chasing that perfect figure, we can discover that perfect figure’s been within us all the time.

Once we’re able to be kind for ourselves, to stop ‘beating ourselves up’ over how we look, that the magic will truly happen.

After all, it’s just a bit of diet & exercise; how difficult can that be !??!?!

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