Can I get help to quit smoking before the next lockdown?

Can I get help to quit smoking before the next lockdown?

It’s always a good time to quit smoking

Many smokers are realising that with no clear end in sight for the current pandemic, quitting smoking could be a significant factor in keeping themselves healthy.

That being so, many are understandably concerned as to whether they can make the arrangements to quit during this time of uncertainty.

My recent video addresses these concerns – I’m working with clients face-to-face, subject to social distancing regulations, plus online too.

Video transcript below (apologies for the poor sound quality – I recorded this in my consulting rooms and forgot to take my lapel mic with me).

I want to Stop Smoking this week

To find out how you too can become a happy and healthy non-smoker you can book your Stop Smoking Strategy Call here.

How to get help to quit smoking before the next lockdown


Hi, Charles Stevenson here. Just a quick video I’ve put up. Just to answer a question that’s cropped up with some of the clients I’ve worked with in the last few weeks, basically it’s “Can I stop smoking before the lockdown?”

One of the things that has been worrying many smokers since you’ve only got ten weeks until Christmas, if you want to quit and start banking those benefits, is can I quit smoking before the lockdown?

So what I thought I’d do is put up quick video today video on YouTube and a live today, just to comment about how easy and effective it could be. So what I’ve done is today here. I posted the video at the consulting rooms that I use in Peterborough.

Yes, the majority of the clients o work with, I do talk to them, face-to-face one step removed on zoom or Skype, and I can work with clients like that. But for some people who are looking to stop smoking they prefer that face to face one-on-one style.

And therefore, with a mask, today I’ve been in the room, working with some people, helping them to quit smoking. You may have seen one of my previous videos. This jar here this contains some of the cigarette packets from some of the people I’ve helped. I do have a bigger one of these that I keep at home. This is the one I bring with me when I’m here.

These rooms are only being used ad-hoc at the moment now. But that’s the person smoke cigarettes when they will quit. So yeah, basically the essence is if you’re looking to quit smoking, yes, you’ve finished faffing around with pills and potions, you no longer worry about using patches and all that kind of palaver. And you actually want to quit smoking properly.

That’s as a grownup rather than fannying around with pills and patches and the success rate of those beggars belief. Yeah. Talking ,simple as that taking care, talking approach as a hypnotherapist, it’s what I do. I help people quit smoking that. [Holds Thank you card] Thank you.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

I’ve got more at home more emails and so on. It’s just some of the stuff I bring with me to help reinforce with other smokers that what they can do, what they have done these guys and girls here, you can do as well.

So if you are someone that is thinking of stopping smoking, firstly congrats for even thinking about it because a lot of smokers don’t bother. If you’re thinking about stopping smoking. Brilliant. Now’s the time to move that thought forward, further retraction do it. So, the money you’re going to save, is brilliant. The energy you’re going to gain. You’re going to feel better about yourself.

Now you can work face-to-face because if you are in an area that’s not in lockdown. And, by the time you watch this video, no doubt on a replay in a couple of weeks from now, by the time you first see this by the time, you see that you might find that your area has a lockdown.

So, if you do want to quit smoking and your areas are locked-down, there’s going to be some good hypnotherapists that you could contact to help you. Quit.

I’d happily help you if you were a suitable client for me. But if not, there’s going to be some other people as well out there that could help you. But the main thing is get sorted – get it done. Move on with your life. Stop being an on the fence quitter. Stop being an, “Oh, I’ll do it one day.” person. Don’t waste your life by doing something you weren’t born to do, you weren’t intended to do.

Every one of those packs has come here in the hands of someone who was a smoker. Every one has been left by someone who left a non-smoker. That could be you. You could quit. It takes 90 minutes, 90 minutes. You can become a non-smoker, never again, smoking no more wasted money. No more lying to yourself. No more, feeling bad Waking up, looking in the mirror thinking [unclear].

No more smokers cough. Your fingers cleaner. The essence is basically you can quit. And I’m just here to say I’m still working face-to-face with clients because at the moment & it depends upon when you watch this video, right now, Peterborough, as long as you practice social distancing. [inaudible]

That’s the chair. It’s a reclining chair. Nice and comfortable reclining chair. That’d be the chair where my client would have been sitting. I’ve moved my chair a little bit closer. Just now. That’s what I say. And yeah, it took him aghast great time and they’d be changing their lives and um, t’s it really.

So it’s basically just get quit. Quit. If you want to fanny around with pills ,patches and potions, – pretend to be a half-arsed smoker, pretend that you like e-cigs you want that crap. That’s your choice. But if you would actually quit, take back, control of your life, stop self-medicating yourself with drugs, legal or illegal – I can help you do it.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

So that’s it really I’ve got a couple of clients I’m seeing later on this evening, so I’m prepared for them now, but I thought it would be useful just To say, [taps container] That is where your cigarettes could end up in the year. Cauldron jar just dead, finished, before you die – before they kill you.

So if you’d like your cigarettes in there and effectively have your life back, contact me and, let’s see what we can do for you.

Or go and buy yourself another a pack of 20 and carry on hope for the best. One in two cigarettes will kill you. It could be one of them, one of the ones in your packet today. And if that’s, a heavy message for you to hear, sorry – you’re a smoker. Not for me.

Anyhow, if you know, someone wants to quit and is sick of being a smoker and wants to quit, tag them in on this message on my page. I, and I can have a chat with them about changing their life.

Uh if you’re thinking of quitting, yeah. We can book up a call with you and we can make it happen. It’s worked for them. It could work for you. They got it, right? yeah, it’s five past, 10 past six now. I’ve got someone coming in about five minutes. So I’m going to cut and run and I’ll speak to you soon. Cheerio guys, Charles Stevenson.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

To find out how you too can become a happy and healthy non-smoker you can book your Stop Smoking Strategy Call here.