Whilst we would all like to believe every child grows up in loving family, the reality is that for some children this simply does not happen.

Perhaps their parents just did not know how best to care for them, or perhaps they were only acting out the patterns that they had suffered as children themselves.

Sometimes the parents might have trusted other members of their family and that trust was, only years later, found to have been betrayed.

Childhood abuse can take many forms and often the experiences that one child has can be quite different to the circumstances that another child has to grow up in.

For whatever reason, those children did not receive the loving and caring attention which they had truly deserved. The effects of childhood abuse can manifest in various ways.

Perhaps as we grow up we become involved in inappropriate behaviour or damaging relationships.

Alternatively, we might seek solace in excessive work or activities that allow us to dampen down the feelings of pain that have remained long after the abuse has stopped.

Whatever your situation now, if you have suffered from abuse in your childhood and have not been able to come to terms with it, BWRT®, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very effective at enabling you to take back your life.

It is possible to break free from forces of the old patterns and thoughts that have been affecting you since your childhood and develop new ways of thinking and being.

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