Would you like to work with me but live too far away?

Are you troubled by something that stops you from leaving your home?

Do you have an issue you’d love to deal with, but you don’t want to talk to someone face-to-face about it?

Perhaps you’ve been recommended to work with me by someone you trust, but you live a long way away from Peterborough?

If that sounds like your situation then all’s not lost since we can work together very successfully by Skype.

With Skype distance is no longer a barrier to you obtaining the changes in your life you desire.

Modern mobile connectivity is very clear and I’ve been using it for years to ensure I can continue rolling forwards my sessions with my well-travelled clients.

In addition, Skype technology has transformed how we work since it’s possible for a client to be anywhere in the world and still create wonderful changes.  

The powerful techniques that I use work very this way and therefore if your location means we can’t meet in person, don’t let that be a barrier to you securing the changes you desire in your life.


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No need to feel embarrassed – No one needs to see you

I have used Skype to work with clients and this technique is still effective even if I cannot see you (so you won’t need to worry about discussing anything that might embarrass yourself in talking about).

This is also a perfect way for someone who has panic attacks when leaving their house or other feelings of discomfort to be able to make the changes they want without becoming even more stressed in the process.

Fewer Than 400 Practitioners Worldwide

In addition to hypnosis I work with my clients using BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®.  

BWRT® is a very new but already extremely well-regarded therapeutic approach.  

It’s newness means there are currently less than 400 qualified and registered practitioners worldwide.

So if you want to obtain a fast and permanent change to your situation, you could well find that working by Skype will be the quickest change you’ve ever experienced.


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Time-zone friendly sessions

If during our time of working together your commitments mean you’re “out of area” we can also use Skype or regular mobile calls to hold any sessions so as to ensure we continue to drive forwards your changes.

If you’re in a different time-zone then this can also be accommodated so it truly is the case that wherever you are, in your life, physically, emotionally or geographically, I can help you to change and become the person you want to be.

It can also be possible to fit in with your local time-zone (instead of GMT here) meaning we can get you up and running quicker, so providing you’ve got an effective internet connection or a good mobile signal, we’re good to go.

Just think; no commuting to my premises, no having to leave work early or re-arrange schedules, simply dial up and talk.


Freedom to discuss what’s on your mind – at a time convenient to you

Some people are surprised to discover that they are located in a country where working with someone to deal with their challenges isn’t available to them unless they work with a psychotherapist and are diagnosed with a “mental health condition”.  

Working by telephone or Skype, however, avoids that situation or stigma since you and I can easily arrange appointments whenever is best free from any such restrictions.

If perhaps you’re an expat or someone who’s been posted abroad and would prefer to work with someone in the UK for ongoing continuity then this method could well be perfect for you too.

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Safe and easy to use

If there’s any break in the connection we can simply carry on via a second mobile, or email or simply re-schedule for later – you won’t lose out at all and it will be perfectly safe.

At all times during our session you will receive the same level and quality of attention that you would get if you were sitting with me face-to-face in my consulting rooms.


Simply send me your enquiry here and I’d be pleased to discuss this further with you and I can email you some useful “ground rules” that will ensure you can gain the fullest amount from your Skype or telephone sessions.

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