We all require food – eating is a natural process that keeps our energy levels topped-up and should also be a pleasurable experience as well.

The problem is that whilst eating’s a natural process, there’s a massive industry which exists to attempt to get each one of us to purchase their food, their drink, or their special recipe.

Because of clever marketing and lots of research, those companies are aware of which ingredients are those which most people desire.

Unfortunately many of those ingredients offer only short-term solutions to our food needs, often giving us a quick boost and help us to feel good for a while, before plunging us back into the old, bad feeling that existed before.

When we eat a variety of chemicals are released in the body, some for digestion and others that send positive ‘feel-good’ messages throughout our bodies.

Eating food, however, can take on a different perspective when we get too caught up in those ‘feel-good’ chemicals and do not keep track of the amount and quality of the food and drink we are consuming.

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and BWRT® help by allowing the patterns of comfort eating to be brought into the open, reviewed and then amended so the need to comfort eat can be resolved.

Once you are able to re-gain control of your eating patterns you will find that your old, automatic patterns and ways of behaving around food will change and a new way of being will start for you.


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