It is all too easy to get so caught up in daily living, working and doing those things that others do, that we do not notice how our happiness levels are falling lower and lower.

Sometimes we end up living on autopilot, turning up for work and being with people, whilst not being there emotionally. We can often put on a brave face so others do not notice how we feel inside.

Often it is those that appear to be the life and soul of the party that are, when at home and alone, suffering the most from depressive feelings.

Depression can be triggered by many things, some large, some small, the one common denominator is that it can affect anyone.

Hypnotherapy and BWRT® are very effective at allowing the underlying reasons why your depression is occurring to be found and released. Once this occurs, significant change can occur and you are then free to no longer have depression as your daily cloak to hide under.


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