Don’t fall for the “perfect diet” fallacy

If you take one message away from my website burn this phrase into your memory – Diets Don’t Work.

Do you know how many people stay at their target weight once they’ve achieved it?  A meta-analysis carried out across numerous research studies into dieting revealed these fascinating facts:

  • The number of people who are stayed at their target weight after one year – 5%

  • The number of people who are stayed at their target weight after five years – 1%

All too often clients have explained how they have gone from diet programme to diet book to diet tracking website, each one filled with promises that ‘this is the one”, only to discover that after a while, all the apparent benefits of that programme drifts away and they fall back to their old weight, or sometimes even more.

Simple steps applied simply, simply work – diets don’t work

We all know how to control our weight, even if we don’t want to admit it.

1. Do some regular exercise – walking is perfectly ok; you don’t need to run a marathon each month!
2. Eat good quality food – that means cutting down on junk and pre-processed stuff.
3. Eat what you want, but only when you need to.
4. Allow change to occur over a period of months rather than expect an instant fix – you probably spent years getting to where you are now so don’t try to resolve things in 24 or 48 hours.

And that’s about it. Simple, eh?  So why aren’t you doing it?  The answer’s in your grey matter; the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that reside in your mind.  Once we’ve popped in and tidied that lot up, those steps I’ve mentioned above will become natural again.

Diets don’t work

Unless you allow the thoughts in your mind to be changed, and coaching and hypnosis with BWRT® are perfect for this, you’ll be permanently swapping from diet to diet, looking for the “perfect diet”, something which simply doesn’t exist.

Radically enhanced thinking along with improved eating habits plus regular exercise could finally create a permanently healthier and slimmer you.

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