Do I need willpower to quit smoking?

Who else thinks they need willpower to quit smoking?

Very often one of the first admissions clients say when talking about stopping smoking is, “… but I’ve got no willpower.”

It’s as if they’ve come to equate no willpower = can’t quit.

And if that’s you, perhaps you too believe that without willpower you’re destined to see out your years as an old, wrinkled cancer-ridden smoker, you need to watch this short video.

In this I’ll explain why you DON’T require Willpower – and what you do need instead.

Suggestion: Share this video with someone who you know’s always talking about smoking, but who feel’s they can’t quit – there’s ALWAYS a way.

I help people to quit smoking in 60 minutes without withdrawal feelings or cravings & with no willpower required.

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