Do you have a fear of needles, a dread of going to the doctors, or having injections?

Is a fear of needles something that’s affecting your life, stopping you going to the dentist, travelling on holiday or holding you back from applying for a job?

Would you like to be free from this phobia (which is sometimes referred to as aichmophobia or belonephobia)?

Previous clients I’ve worked with to overcome this issue have found that it had been affecting them so much that to even see a television play with actors using a syringe was enough to create extreme fear.

Sometimes simply hearing someone mention visiting the dentist or talking about some medical complaint would bring on the fear of needles too.

Some clients said they’d drive special routes so as to avoid passing doctors or dentists, since being outside those buildings would bring on the fear of needles for them.

One client I recollect was so frightened of needles that they’d undergone essential emergency dental work (because they’d kept putting the visit off) without any anesthetic whatsoever.

Another client I helped had been stuck with this fear of needles for quite a few years and it had got to the stage that many areas of her life were being affected; work, family, travel, it was everywhere!As a last result she’d contact me to see if hypnosis could help.

After a few appointments she was able to attended an appointment at her GP to have the injections she required so her and her partner could finally travel to the location she’d so long wanted to visit.

Her comment, “I found you & now my life isn’t stuck in a rut. I am so grateful to you & thankful of the outlook I now have on life. I know you wanted me to succeed & I have. Hypnosis works.”


needle phobia  BWRT Peterborough


I’d mention that when helping this client I used hypnosis, however, for the vast majority of my clients suffering with fears or phobias I now work with BWRT® which is a very fast, powerful & effective way of helping clients change long-term thoughts, without any of the relaxation required for hypnosis.

This means it’s perfect for those nervous or tense people for whom relaxing is never too easy.

If you’d like to find out more about overcoming a fear or phobia or if you suffer from nervousness or anxiety then BWRT® could well offer you a swift resolution of that problem too.

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