Do you suffer from nerves around your driving test?

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The Driving Test!

The words are enough to create a panic attack in the average learner, but the actual test, the preparation, the pre-test lesson, then the waiting in the centre until your name’s called, it’s enough to make you want to stick with using taxis.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however.

I’ve worked with clients who’ve tried on numerous occasions to pass their driving test, but their nerves had got the better of them each time.

Whether you’re a younger learner or someone who’s left it a little later in life to take your test, overcoming nerves about driving in general or the driving test in particular is something which I have strong experience in.

Clients invariably respond very quickly to hypnosis / BWRT and are often amazed that something that they thought would be difficult to overcome becomes something they just “do”, with no concern whatsoever.


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