Does anyone else still suffer from a fear of flying?

It’s that holiday time again, which means for many people FLYING in an AEROPLANE … & if reading those two words sent shivers down your spine, we need to get your fear of flying resolved once and for all.

I’ve dealt with A LOT of clients who’ve had fears around flying.

Sometimes it’s just the flight, but for others it’s been a fear that’s nagged away for weeks before the actual take-off.

Very many people suffer from a fear of flying

Helping clients to overcome a fear of flying is something which I do all through the year.

It’s not just something that peaks in the summer or winter months, around the holiday season, because the fear of flying can be with someone all the time.

I’ve worked with clients who have booked, cancelled, re-booked and re-cancelled very many flights.

Some clients come to me in tears – it’s as if they’re fighting with themselves to get on the plane but there’s another part of them fighting to stay on the ground.

If you, or someone you know has a fear of flying you can contact me or call me on 07563674275 & I’d be pleased to discuss what we can do to help.

Most often this can be resolved in just one or two appointments, so late-notice calls, ie, “I’m flying next week, can you help me?” is something that I can usually say, “Yes.” to.