Does social anxiety make your life suck?

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Does social anxiety screw your life up?

Do you get the jitters whenever you need to go to a social event?

Are you someone who says ‘yes’ to parties or nights out, but as the time draws nearer you find yourself coming up with reasons to cancel?

And then, once the time’s passed & you’ve missed the event, do you kick yourself, saying “next time I’m gonna go”?

If that’s at all how you feel then you could be suffering from what’s often called ‘SOCIAL ANXIETY’.

I remember that when I was a child if I was scared to do something I’d be told I had ‘butterflies in my stomach.” BS!

Those weren’t butterflies they were angry fire breathing dragons trying to rip me apart!


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Perhaps that’s how it comes over for you, stomach pains, feeling hot or sweaty, that clammy cold feeling that we can get when we’d do anything to get out of the situation we’re in.

If that’s the kind of feelings you experience either before, during or after social events (or meeting new people for the first time at work for example) then it’s not something you have to put up with any longer.

Clients are always amazed as to how quickly change is possible.

Like to discover more? To find out how you could overcome something that’s been nagging away you for years?

email me your mobile or call/text 07563674275 & we can schedule a 20 minute Clarity Consultation where I’d be pleased to explain how we can get your situation turned around.