How would you feel if your eating issues no longer held you hostage?

Say ‘eating disorders’ to most people and they’ll think of people either very heavy or very thin – but eating disorders affect more than just those groups.

As with most issues that relate to how we think and feel, there is no one, ‘good’ way of thinking about eating.

It’s because thinking about eating isn’t simply a ‘switch’ that we can flick on or off at will.

Because eating is a natural, and essential act that it’s something that runs in an ‘always on’ mode, rather like some of the apps on your smartphone in fact.

Overactive eating disorder thoughts

The problem, however, is when those thoughts, rather like how some programmes take up all of your computer’s memory and slow everything down, the same process can occur in your mind too.

People in Peterborough are just like those in many other towns and cities around the world – for a significant proportion of them they are controlled by their eating habits control them rather than the other way around.

If that’s you too, then realise you’re not alone – for some people, it’s needing to always have some food ready to eat and for others, it’s a need to keep putting off having that next meal.

Sometimes there are rules they’ve made up – perhaps with penalties if those rules are broken.

I want to know more

Simply put, if what you eat and when you eat is dictating your life and causing you stress and worry – then something needs to change.

Whilst we all ‘know’ that there’s a natural requirement for us to eat a certain amount of nourishment each day, dealing with that eating pattern and getting it wrong, either too much, too little, or the wrong types of food, affects a large proportion of the population here in the United Kingdom.

Eating disorder research

There’s a strong body of scientific and medical research which confirms that in many countries within the Western world many people suffer from being overweight or obese and unfortunately, since gaining weight or losing too much weight, anorexia nervosa, takes a long time to show up on the body.

It’s also been shown that long term over-eating or under-eating, or up-down binge-eating can have knock-on negative effects in other ways on your body. 

Joint strength, bone density, mental ability – the list goes on. So it’s important to get a handle on this issue so you can position your body and your mind back on a more comfortable, easy-going path.

Unfortunately, however, by that time the thought patterns that have led to those body changes are quite ingrained and therefore many of the approaches to alter weight, such as dieting, are not effective.

How to make the changes you know you want

From working with hundreds of clients over many years I’ve come to realise that fast, effective and permanent change IS possible, for clients just like you.

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy coaching and BWRT are very effective at allowing the unconscious mind to reveal the thoughts, patterns and beliefs it holds regarding to eating and body image and from this new perspective, it is possible to totally revise how you think about eating and your body.

To find out more, drop me a line, in confidence and I’d be pleased to hear more about what’s happening in your life right now.

I want to know more