Both children and adults can find it stressful to sit exams.

There is the silence to deal with, the need to have prepared sufficiently in advance and then the requirement to put pen to paper, quickly and accurately, so that you can show that you know what is required of you.

Sometimes taking exams is hardest for the cleverest students, since “everyone” expects them to produce a top result – and it can be just as difficult for lower-ranking students, who may fear the effect of a poor grade, or even a fail.

Unfortunately, however, our thoughts can get in the way of our studies; as children we can become caught up in what our parents or teachers might be thinking about us and as adults, peer-group pressure can exert a terrible strain on us still.
It is all too easy to go to pieces at the start of the exam and then find you are in a bad frame of mind for the rest of the time you have.

If you or someone you know suffers with exam anxiety then hypnosis can offer a way for this to be overcome so that taking exams will no longer be something to be anxious about.


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