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My fees to help you Until we’ve spoken I’ve no way of knowing whether I’m the best hypno-coach for you.

This is why I offer all prospective clients a free Clarity Consultation.

This is when you can clarify your dreams, identify the possibilities for change you have available and then identify how we can accelerate the process to achieve this for you.

By the end of the consultation we’ll know if you’re going to be a good fit for my method of working.

If you’re a fit I’ll tell you, and if you’re not I’ll tell you too, and recommend some alternatives that might suit you better.

I see my clients weekday afternoons and early evenings.

I sometimes have a few weekend and late evening appointments available, subject to separate fee structure, which we can discuss in more detail if you feel one of these time-slots might be better for you.

Every client’s challenges are different but it’s often the case significant and permanent changes can be achieved in just 1-4 sessions.

For certain issues, however, a longer timescale may be required – I’ll advise if this is the case for you.

Once we’ve spoken I’ll then be able to provide you with an honest assessment of the timescales that I feel are appropriate for resolution of your problem.

If you’re seeking help to quit smoking you’ll find further details of my single-session HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme here. The fee for this programme is £265.

This covers all pre-appointment information, your main HypnoQuit® stop smoking programme appointment with an (if required) follow-up appointment at any time in the 12 months.

You can find further information about the full package contained within the HypnoQuit® programme on this page or on my separate stop smoking website.

Request your FREE Clarity Consultation

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