Hair pulling (trichophobia) is often an unconscious pattern which means it can be hard for someone doing this to be able to acknowledge it is going on.

Perhaps it is something which they have been carrying out for many years and as such has become simply ‘part of who they are’.

Hair pulling can be stopped

Sometimes when clients contact me they explain they’ve been doing this habit for years.  Perhaps it’s when they’re anxious, or to provide comfort, or reassurance.

Whatever the reasons it’s something which can be switched off as a habit – a statement which, when I say this to clients they find hard to believe.

But you can overcome these long-term ingrained habits so you can find yourself feeling more relaxed in those moments that used to stress or upset you.

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis and BWRT® can help to alleviate the need to carry on pulling your hair, so that the feelings attached with hair pulling can fade away.


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