How bad is smoking one cigarette a day?

Smokers have widely differing views as to how bad is smoking one cigarette a day.

Everyone ‘knows’ that smoking cigarettes is bad for you, but what if you smoke just one a day?

“How bad is it if I smoke a single cigarette every day?”

“Is it OK if I stay a light smoker?”

This are the types of questions I’ve often seen and heard asked in smokers groups, or also as a way some smokers will think so as to justify continuing to smoke.

So if that’s you (or someone you know who smokes) then this short video I recorded between client sessions is going to be your wake-up call.

Beliefs like this are a misconception, a justification, and keeps smokers stuck in their deadly habit by deluding themselves that 1 is much safer than 20 or more.

I’ve worked with many smokers who’ve come to me for help to quit totally after cutting down to just a few a day.

For them it felt like they’d done well to reduce their usage to such a low level, but the danger is still present and only zero cigarettes is safe.

Question: Compared to smoking 20 a day, how bad is it to smoke 1 cigarette a day?

Is smoking one cigarette a day ‘safe’?

Answer: It’s different for men and women but your chances of suffering common killers such as lung cancer, heart disease or stroke are still around 50% higher than non-smokers of the same age.

Watch the video to find out the facts – and message me if you’d like a copy of the NHS report containing the findings – it makes sobering reading.

Data Source: NHS / University College London, the University of London, King’s College London, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Peer reviewed by the British Medical Journal BMJ.

Whatever your age and however many times you’ve tried to quit before – and even if you’ve never tried to quit in the past, this time can be the one and only time you need.

Let’s make today the day you commit to stopping smoking

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I help long-term smokers to quickly and easily get back to being a non-smoker again.

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