How much money can I save by stopping smoking

Most smokers are quite happy to ignore the health benefits of stopping smoking – but few ever realise how big a pile of cash they are leaving on the table.

“How much money can I save by stopping smoking?”

Watch this video NOW, where I show you the relevance of both £90,000 and 67.

Smokers, this is what you’re not seeing

Firstly, there’s the fact that the money you’re spending on cigarettes has already been taxed – and then it’s taxed again – heavily – on your purchase – so you’re giving to the Government twice.

Secondly, that cash you’re wasting, if put away, could build up to be a nice additional nest-egg at your retirement.

Thirdly, if you save it yourself then YOU are in control of it – no fund managers or investment brokers will be deciding what to pay you.

And fourthly, if you choose wisely you can invest this additional ‘free cash’ (which you WOULD continue spending until you quit or DIE) in an pension – so you could claim tax back on it to bump up your total.

Becoming a non-smoker is easier than you think

Many smokers have seen and heard the stories, often from other smokers, that ‘prove’ how hard it is to quit.

But that’s simply not true.

If you’re a smoker who WANTS to quit, someone who’s SICK of smoking, it’s EFFECTS on your body and COST in financial terms, then you’re actually ready to quit right now.

Don’t waste another moment putting off your quit-day and don’t spend any further time and energy on pills, patches, potions or e-cigs – I can help you to quit.

Once you have the answer to the question “How much money can I save by stopping smoking?” the decision’s made for you really, isn’t it?

I want to Stop Smoking this week

I help long-term smokers to quickly and easily get back to being a non-smoker again. To find out how you too can become a happy and healthy non-smoker you can book your Stop Smoking Strategy Call here.