How to decide the value of therapy or coaching and whether it’s ‘worth it’

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It’s can be difficult to estimate the true value of therapy or coaching and therefore to decide whether it’s going to worth going ahead with something like this.

Perhaps you’re someone who’s delaying choosing a coach or therapist to work with because you’re concerned about the cost?

If so then today’s video will help.

I recorded it between sessions in my consulting rooms this evening so it’s not as sharp as some of my other videos, as the light was fading, but the message is both timely and relevant and so I’ve left it ‘as is’.

QUESTION: If you could change just one thing in your life, to improve your life and life-experiences in just one way, what would that be?

Comment below if you’re undecided about your own situation & I’ll offer you some ways to determine what the benefits could well be for you.

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