How to Enjoy Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis the Easy Way

You can stop smoking with hypnosis the easy way

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about stopping smoking with hypnosis for a few weeks, a few months or even a few years, and so now’s the time for you to decide to quit.

Yes, I know it can feel like a real challenge to quit.

I’ve been there myself and know what it can feel like.

On the one hand, you know you should stop. But on the other hand, there’s always that nagging feeling calling you back to your next cigarette.

If that sounds like you, then you’re not alone.

Research shows that most smokers try many ways before they quit.

But if they’d only chosen hypnosis as their first attempt, well let’s just say it would have been a lot easier for them, and quicker too.

It was for long-term smokers who’ve already tried 101 ways to quit but still smoke that I developed the HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme.

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Online ‘virtual’ appointments available

Well before the current Covid issues I had found that many happy clients who had quit smoking would recommend me to their friends, often many miles from my home-town of Peterborough.

That’s why I also offer offer my HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme by Skype, Zoom or telephone as well as in-person in my consulting rooms in central Peterborough. Contact me if you’d like to find out more.

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Secure your health benefits for the rest of your life

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health.

All smokers know that it’s a dangerous, deadly habit, but we all turn a ‘blind eye’ to that fact, often until it’s too late – you don’t want to be one of those people any longer, do you?

We all know it’s a leading cause of cancer, but it also increases your risk for heart attacks, strokes, lung disease, and other health problems, including bone fractures and cataracts.

And there’s the problem of passive smoking too. It’s bad enough us hurting ourselves, but our friends and families too – that’s plain unfair and stupid.

Actually, not wanting to smoke around my family was what made me quit – do you have loved-ones you want to protect too?

Powerful hypnosis helps you to quit

Perhaps you’ve already thought about hypnosis or hypnotherapy to quit smoking.

You may know of someone who visited a hypnotist and then never smoked again.

You may have thought it was all trickery, all made up.

Well if that’s you then you’d be interested to hear that in the most comprehensive study into methods of quitting as reported in the New Scientist Magazine, it was confirmed that “hypnotherapy enjoys a greater success rate than any other method in helping people stop smoking.

The reason hypnosis is so effective at helping smokers to quit is this: When you’re ‘in’ hypnosis your deep mind, the part where all your patterns and habits are stored, is much more accessible. This means you’re able to re-programme your mind so that cigarettes no longer have their hold over you.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

No pills potions or patches to sell

Unlike the major drug companies, individual hypnotherapists don’t have mega advertising and marketing budgets, which means the majority of articles and adverts that are published only ever discuss pills, potions patches or sprays.

Perhaps you’ve tried some of those – I did – as have many of my satisfied clients, but they didn’t help us at all.

How did you get on when you tried to quit with pills, potions and patches? Some of the problems that my clients mentioned were:

  • Making you feel sick
  • A bad taste
  • Wanting to smoke whilst using them
  • The ongoing cost
  • Headaches
  • Feeling like you’ve swapped one habit for another.

Since there are no chemicals to use or to remember to consume or apply hypnotherapy is a very natural way to help you to quit.

How does hypnosis help you to quit

You are able to stop smoking with hypnosis because hypnosis is the best way to redirect the way you think and feel about the habit.

By using the latest and most effective hypnotic techniques it’s possible for you to allow your thoughts and feelings around smoking, tobacco and your health to be changed.

Rewired, as such, so that you’ll discover yourself becoming a new, non-smoking person. Someone who used to smoke but not any longer.

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Hundreds of clients have already quit with HypnoQuit

Since first helping clients to Stop smoking with hypnosis many years ago the procedure I use has been refined and enhanced so that it’s now the most powerful way to help you to quit.

Her’es a photo I took recently showing some of the packets left by recent quit smoking clients.

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Why you may have smoked in the past

Most of my clients started smoking in their childhood, often to look ‘big’ or ‘an adult’.

Most of us can’t stand our first puffs on a cigarette, but so that we don’t look weak or scared we battle though the sick feelings and headaches until we simply get used to them.

The problem with this, however, is that by the time we start to think about quitting, we’re hooked.

My clients often tell me they stayed with smoking for reasons such as these – do you recognise yourself saying any of them or using them as an excuse not to quit?

  • Smoking relieves stress
  • It helps when I’m bored or have uncomfortable emotions
  • It makes me feel more confident in social situations
  • I smoke to fit in with me friends
  • I can concentrate better when I smoke
  • Cigarettes help me control my weight, because I smoke instead of eat
  • Ciggys give me something to do with your hands.

These are all ‘good’ intentions, but there are much healthier and more effective ways to achieve what you want, instead of staying a smoker.

I want to Stop Smoking this week

Many ‘lies’ around quitting smoking

It’s surprising how many lies or ‘old wives tales’ exist about quitting smoking. Some of those include:

  • I’ll put on weight – No
  • I wll have to find something to do with your hands – No
  • I’ll take up some other habit instead – No
  • Quitting will make me angry – No
  • I won’t be able to be around smokers – No
  • And more

This is why I only ever arrange to work with a client once I’ve spoken to them.

This is so you have an opportunity to voice any concerns, fears or worries and you can have those each resolved, before we go ahead to get you back on-track as a non-smoker.

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If you’re ready to quit then get in touch today to find out more about how you can benefit from life-changing hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

You’ll benefit from the skills of a hypnotherapist who’s helped many hundreds of people, just like you, to quit.

It’s easy, painless and relaxing.

You can find out more about the HypnoQuit Stop Smoking Programme here.

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