How to quickly overcome anxiety and regain confidence

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I’ll often find that even though people contact me for a variety of issues, anxiety or ‘nerves’ is often one of the biggest problems they’re dealing with on a day to day basis.

It’s as it’s sitting there, behind the curtains of our mind, always ready to jump out and give us grief.

That being so, here’s a quick exercise that I’ve taught to many clients – one which can quickly and easily help to regain composure and control – so that you can quieten that anxiety monster in the back of your brain.

It doesn’t require hypnosis or any ‘brain techniques’ as such, simply that you focus upon one of the most natural processes in our bodies – breathing.

See how you get on with this whilst watching the video and then post back on here to say how you get on. Some people have found that this simple technique has provided them with amazing results.

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