How to tell if you’re an underearner

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Are you an underearner or an underachiever?

Do you even know if you might be going forwards in life unknowingly being an underachiever or underearner?

These issues play themselves out also within the areas of Success Inhibition and Imposter Syndrome, as well as many other ways too.

Underearning is NOT the same as compulsive debting or over-spending, however, these can overlap for some people.

Do you find yourself feeling or experiencing any of the following?

  • You often feel anxious or worried about your finances
  • It’s hard for you to not buy things when you’re out, even if you’d not planned to make the purchase?
  • You stop-start projects, jobs or suchlike?
  • You’ve been working for a fair few years but have no pension arrangements
  • The five people closest to you all have similar stories and feelings about a lack of wealth
  • You’re poor at time management, often dealing with low-value tasks to the detriment of income-producing tasks
  • You’re dissatisfied with your job or career but feel there’s nothing you can do to change your situation

That’s not an exhaustive list and this is something I explore in much greater detail with my coaching clients, however, if you feel uncomfortable when reading that list, as if I’m talking about how you feel, then, yes, you most probably do have issues around underearning.

And remember, from being on benefits up to being a billionaire, underearning is something which can affect anyone.