IBS Hypnotherapy Peterborough


When someone is troubled by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) then they find everywhere they go is measured by reference to how they will cope and what facilities will be easily accessible to them whilst out.

Events that should be a source of enjoyment are stressful and even the slightest change to an expected routine or journey can be a cause of panic, stress or embarrassment.


IBS is a mind issue, not a physical one

If you suffer from IBS then, just like many of my previous clients, you probably cannot imagine why hypnosis could help IBS to stop. It’s in your gut, after all, not in your mind, and that’s the way that most clients react, initially.

However, various research studies carried out throughout the world, including many that have been published in recognised medical journals in the UK and US, attest to the simple fact that hypnosis helps to alleviate or fully remove the occurrences of Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many patients.


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Change your mind – change how you feel

The reason why hypnosis and hypnotherapy is so effective at helping to overcome IBS is that it uses the most powerful medicine cabinet ever created, your mind, to overcome and resolve whatever is creating the effects in your body that are called IBS.

By using your mind it is possible to shift your perspective from you being someone who ‘has’ IBS to that of someone whose body is choosing to give off signals in response to something and it is just those ‘signals’ that are called IBS.

Additional benefits include a greater feeling of relaxation, reduced anxiety, less frequent, or ceased tension headaches or migraines, along with a much improved feeling of self-belief and confidence to visit or travel to places that would have in the past felt impossible to attempt.

Previous clients have successfully overcome their IBS, sometimes after many decades of their attempting to live with these issues.

Hypnosis, BWRT® and hypnotherapy can offer a way to fundamentally revise the thoughts and beliefs you hold in respect of all the actions that are around your feelings and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and can offer you the opportunity to travel and visit places free from those old concerns that used to trouble you.

Freedom from IBS truly is possible. For further details contact me today.


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