It’s just a little bit of cocaine, what’s the harm in that?

Are you someone who uses “just a little” cocaine sometimes, “just” to relax, perhaps because “everyone else does”, or because it’s something “everyone does in the group of people you socialise with?

If you do then you need to realise that your infrequent dabbling with this drug can easily lead on to more regular use, often with life-threatening effects.

Self-medication (which is what this really is) comes with its own dangers since your body is different to your friend’s and so the amount they use which might in the short-term be safe for them could be life-threatening for you.

That rush you feel and increased feelings of euphoria are produced by your motabalism going into overdrive, increasing heart rate & body temperature but also possible feelings of agitation and anxiety.

Higher doses can lead to chest pains, anxiety, panic attacks, seizures & even death, assuming you don’t also develop psychosis before you die.


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This is because cocaine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates our “fight or flight” response.

Along with this it also acts to squeeze tighter the veins capillaries & arteries carrying blood throughout your body, putting more strain on your heart to continue to pump blood.

What starts out as just a bit of fun can lead onto long-term issues for the user including:

insomnia and exhaustion


anxiety, paranoia and psychosis

eating disorders and weight loss

sexual dysfunction

hypertension and an irregular heart beat

sensitivity to light and sound



There are no ‘safe’ supplies for cocaine; simply getting some from someone you know carries risks since you don’t know whether their supplier has changed their source, especially since the cocaine has been ‘cut’ or mixed with other products so as to allow more profit for the supplier.

Cocaine is often seen as a ‘middle-class’ drug, one that is taken at social events and that ‘doing a little never hurts anyone’, however, having worked with many clients to help them overcome their addiction I’ve seen and heard the situations they’d got themselves in up until they each decided that now was the time to STOP.


Am I addicted to using cocaine?

If you’ve read this far & you’re unsure whether you’re addicted to using, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you find yourself planning your social events around whether you’ll have access to cocaine or not?

Do you find yourself becoming distressed if your supply runs out & you can’t get any more?

Do you justify your habit to others, feeling annoyed that you have to do this?

Do compare yourself to others who use more & feel it’s ok because you’re not that bad (yet).

Do you tell yourself that you could stop it if I really wanted to?

Do you feel you can take or leave it, but just never seem to leave it alone for long?


How did you score?

If you’re finding yourself saying “yes” to those questions then, to be honest, it sounds like you’ve got a problem with your cocaine use.

Like many others, your attempts to control or restrict your usage will, over-time, fall apart and that use will most probably increase.

If you’re a cocaine user and feel that it’s something you’re no longer in control of then you can contact me for an in-confidence discussion about your situation & I’ll explain to you how I can help you break free from your self-medicating habit.