It’s the testimonials from stop smoking clients that show the power of hypnoisis

Thinking about stopping smoking? Wondering “… if it’ll work for me?”

Well, every quit smoking client I’ve worked with has had similar thoughts & so if it helps, here’s another testimonial from a happy, non-smoking couple.

Yes, both the husband & wife attended on the same day, were smoking twenty a day, and stopped … dead (no pun intended).

How would that be for you, to go from buying two packs a day to zero?

Like to make that kind of saving in cash, plus the multiple health benefits too?

As you probably already know, the health benefits of stopping smoking begin the second you extinguish your last cigarette & so whether you’ve been smoking for ten, twenty or thirty years, it’s ALWAYS the right time to quit.

Get in touch to find out more – I’ll never book in a stop smoking client without talking to you first over the ‘phone so I’m quite used to answering all of the ‘will it work for me questions’ that smokers have.

“Just want to express our thanks to you for stopping smoking for 6 months with no feelings or urges to smoke. Long may it continue.”

Mr & Mrs S., Longthorpe


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