Take a moment to read the following ten questions about your thoughts about food and your weight. Be honest with yourself, since you are the only one that will know what your answers are.

  1. Do you think about food even when you’re not hungry?

  2. Are you unhappy with your body shape or size?

  3. Do you find yourself avoiding going out or doing things because of how you feel about how you look?

  4. Are you on a diet right now, or have you recently been on a diet?

  5. Do you have secret eating sessions or plan your eating around times when you know other people will not see you eating?

  6. Have you ever tried ways of dieting that you would not admit to other people, such as pills, vomiting, enemas or laxatives?

  7. Are you afraid of eating food in public or with friends or family?

  8. Do you find you cannot control yourself when eating foods such as biscuits or sweets, so that eating a couple becomes
    eating a whole pack?

  9. Do you try to skip meals and then end up eating too much to make up for this? And lastly,

  10. Do you feel that you can only ever be happy if you achieve a particular weight or size?


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Your results

If you have found yourself agreeing with any of the above statements then your weight and diet could well be having an distinctly unhealthy effect upon your life. The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay that way any longer – you could become thin again with HypnoThin®.

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