Melissa’s life changed when she overcame ‘boss anxiety’

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Many clients contact me wishing to deal with anxiety or fear of certain situations.

Once such client was ‘Melissa’, who was finally able to stand up to her boss.

Quite often when a client comes to see me they’ll have a ‘laundry list’ of things they want to deal with, as if the issues they’ve been putting off dealing with have grown bigger and bigger over time.

This can actually mean they’ve waited longer than necessary before making contact (a tip: Never Wait, just pick up the phone and call), perhaps due to the mistaken belief that we’ll need to work through every single one of those issues, before they can become ‘free’ from what’s troubling them.

But that’s not so, since the way our minds work is that, rather like removing a spider’s web that’s been woven between plants in the early morning dew, by releasing just one or two places means the remainder of the web falls away.

This is what happened for ‘Melissa’ who was surprised, therefore, that by the end our sessions, when we looked back at her list, that many of those items are no more than a distant memory.

I explain more in the video below, and so if you’re like ‘Melissa’, struggling with issues around anxiety, fears or phobias, why not see whether you would benefit from working with a qualified hypnotherapist or coach to enable you to get back to the state of freedom that you desire.

Remember, change IS ALWAYS possible.