Nightmares and bad dreams

It is during our sleep that our unconscious mind is able to process all that has occurred during the previous day and store it away for future reference.

It’s as if your mind sorts, sifts and records hundreds of thousand of thoughts in various ways so, as soon as they are needed, they are ready for use.

However, sometimes previous situations real or imagined can trouble us and cause us to have nightmares. Sometimes also, we can be worried about future events and they too can cause us to have nightmares.

In many cases the nightmare has no clear and direct relationship with us and our current situation, however, your unconscious mind, with all the knowledge and memories to which it has access, always selects the most appropriate images and thoughts that it can.

If you are finding yourself troubled by repeating nightmares, or various nightmares all causing you to have disturbed sleep, then BWRT®, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very effective at releasing the underlying messages within those nightmares.

There might be other thoughts or memories that are causing your sleep disturbance – we’ll be able to explore that if necessary.

Once an understanding of those thoughts is achieved, the feelings and experiences are released so that you will begin to find yourself sleeping easier and awakening refreshed, as you were before the nightmares first commenced.

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