Your shyness doesn’t have to define you

Not overcoming shyness, or being shy, is something which afflicts many people and because of the nature of shyness, most suffer in silence.

Oftentimes shy people take jobs that allow them to stay in the shadows or choose to sit back when others obtain promotions or opportunities at work. ‘That’s just the way I am,’ they say, however, it is possible for anyone to become free from shyness.

Some call it being bashful or introverted

Rather than say they’re shy, some people call themselves bashful or introverted.

However, it all comes down to the same issues, how do you feel about yourself and are you holding yourself back from saying or doing things that you’d rather say or do?

Not overcoming shyness affects many people

In this article by Greg Hurst in The Times last year he explored the ‘myth’ of ‘English Reserve’ and highlighted the fact that over one-half of people in the UK admit to feeling shy.

Remember; that statistic means one in two of the people who read this page are probably suffering from some level of shyness, it’s very prevalent.

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Shyness affects many facets of your life

Many clients have found that their shyness has affected them in many ways, not only in the jobs they might select, but their hobbies, holidays, relationships and even their health.

By not overcoming shyness they’ve effectively put their life on hold, waiting for some time in the future when they can regain control again.

That’s why it’s often the case that people who say they are shy may find themselves suffering from other issues too.

break free from the feelings of painful shyness with coaching and bwrt

Overcoming shyness is possible

When clients contact me they’ve often been battling with the stressful and tiring feelings of shyness for many years, decades even. To them it sounds like I’m talking ‘rubbish’ when I say that their shyness can be overcome, however, it can be. Quickly. Permanently.

Change is possible.

You will be the judge of your own success

It doesn’t really matter one jot whether I think you’ve overcome your shyness, all that really counts is whether you find yourself being able to do or experience situations that you would have previously avoided.

And so once we’ve worked together you’ll be able to understand and appreciate just how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed.

Think about this – your shyness could become just a memory of your past.

How would that be for you? Would you like to know more?

Find out more today

If you think you’re suffering from shyness then now could be a perfect time for you to discover how hypnotherapy, hypnosis and BWRT® offer you the opportunity to break free from your old patterns so that you can develop into the person you truly can be, becoming someone who is comfortable asserting their right to be themselves.

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