Do you suffer from Panic Attacks?

Whilst we can all suffer from some nerves or anxiety at different times, people who suffer from panic attacks experience a range of stress inducing and debilitating feelings, often appearing with no warning whatsoever.

What makes these panic attacks worse is the expection you have that they may occur again, now, or in a moment from now.

Perhaps you may begin to find you become less confident or comfortable with certain situations or experiences, but even after avoiding those events, the feeling of a possible panic attack colours your experience of life.

Most frequent symptoms

The signs of an anxiety attack can include:

  • palpitations
  • thumping in the throat
  • throat constriction
  • a dry mouth
  • gasping for breath
  • cramped feeling in the chest
  • pain in your gums
  • funny tummy
  • feeling extremely hot or cold
  • a tingling feeling in the hands or limbs
  • struck dumb
  • rooted to the spot
  • deep fear, and
  • a feeling of unconsciousness, as if you’re about to faint.

Anxiety UK – 4 question test

You may have visited the AnxietyUK website to find out more about the various ways other people have been able to overcome their own feelings of anxiety and panic. If so you may already have read their page discussing the benefits of hypnotherapy – linked here in case you missed it.

They suggest people who are concerned about feelings of anxiety or panic calibrate themselves against a brief four question test, which I’ve abbreviated below.

If you’ve experienced more than one of the situations they describe in the previous fortnight then it does sound like you have a panic disorder.

  1. Have you experienced sudden attacks of intense anxiety or fear, during which you felt as if you were going to either die, lose control, or go crazy?
  2. Do the thoughts of having another anxiety attack or feelings of anxiety play on your mind?
  3. Have you found yourself changing what you usually do, go to, or think about, so you can avoid certain situations which in the past seem to be linked to causing you anxiety?
  4. Do you worry about the physical symptoms (eg, raised heartbeat, difficulty breathing, urge to get away from a location, a dizzy, about to faint feeling) that your anxiety attack brings on?

Would you like to discuss this further?

If you’re suffering from anxiety attacks, panic attacks, anxiety disorder or similar, then there’s every possibility that it does not have to continue forever.

With the help of the latest advances in hypnosis other techniques, it’s possible for you to live a more relaxed and de-stressed life.

If it helps we could arrange a 30 minute telephone consultation where you could tell me more about your own personal situation and then I would be able to explain more about how this change could occur for you.

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