Whilst we can all suffer from some nerves or anxiety at different times, people who suffer from panic attacks experience a range of stress inducing and debilitating feelings, often appearing with no warning whatsoever.

What makes these panic attacks worse is the expection you have that they may occur again, now, or in a moment from now.

Perhaps you may begin to find you become less confident or comfortable with certain situations or experiences, but even after avoiding those events, the feeling of a possible panic attack colours your experience of life.

The signs of an anxiety attack can include:

  • palpitations
  • thumping in the throat
  • throat constriction
  • a dry mouth
  • gasping for breath 
  • cramped feeling in the chest 
  • pain in gums 
  • funny tummy 
  • feeling extremely hot or cold 
  • a tingling feeling in the hands or limbs 
  • struck dumb 
  • rooted to the spot 
  • deep fear, and 
  • a feeling of unconsciousness.

If you suffer from any of the above hypnosis, hypnotherapy and BWRT® are very effective ways of dealing with the underlying reasons why you are having these panic attacks and once dealt with, you can stop them occurring any longer.

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