“… and so perhaps you don’t really want to be thin, after all, do you?”

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It’s a funny old issue, this weight loss problem.

And so I’m just going to offer up a suggestion for you; perhaps you don’t really want to loose that weight that you keep saying you do want to shed?

Since, after all, it’s “just” a case of calories in vs calories out, isn’t it?

And it’s “just” a case of doing a bit of regular exercise, isn’t it?

And we all know it’s “just” making sure we eat “quality” foods too, so how hard can that be?



Or perhaps there’s a little more to it than meets the eye.

Some food for thought

So before your throw a virtual low-fat shake at me, let me suggest that here’s where the answers might lie:-

Understanding how come all your previous weight changing attempts failed.

Recognising what patterns you’ve got that are sabotaging your success.

Letting go of why you might secretly want to keep yourself stuck.

Highlighting where in your timetable you’re putting yourself always in last-place.

What burdens you’ve elected to carry & what ones you can now ditch.

How being “too busy” helps you to stay fat.

Why you secretly love to fail at losing weight.


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AIUI we’ve all got 24 hours per day, and within that time there’s opportunities for us to succeed at improving our health … or fail at it.

That choice is yours, nobody else’s but yours.

Don’t do that, do this

So if there was one suggestion I’d offer you it’d be this, stop lying to yourself, and admit you’re gaining from your ‘weight issue’.

Now if you’d like to stop gaining from it any longer, “all” we then have to do is change your thoughts about whatever you’re gaining, ditch that, & replace it with a better way of seeing how the rest of your life could pan out.

Doesn’t that sound a better way of being?

And it all starts by acknowledging that, at the moment at least, you don’t really want to be one once different from how you are, right now.

Hit reply to say whether you agree or disagree, both viewpoints are perfectly valid, BTW.