Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy Myths + Truths

What are the myths about quitting smoking during pregnancy?

Quitting smoking during pregnancy always uncovers many myths and truths.

That’s why if you’re a smoker who’s pregnant or trying for a pregnancy then this video is for you.

In this I discuss the top 10 most commonly heard myths (or are they excuses?) about whether you should or should not smoke during pregnancy.

Suggestion: If you’re a smoker who’s pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, when you play the video grab a notepad and see if you can identify what, if any myths YOU hold as sacrosanct truths.

Then, work out where they came from.

Did they come from your parents, your friends, or simply stuff you’ve made up?

And then, ask yourself, are these beliefs (since they’re never, ever really 100% true) are worth more than giving my baby the best start in life?

If you’d like some help to kick those beliefs into the long-weeds I’d be pleased to help. You’d be surprised what a 15 minute no-BS call can do to knock the legs away from some long-held but false belief, that’s really only a myth in wolf’s clothing.

Anyhow, the video’s linked below.

Myths and truths about smoking and pregnancy

Q1: What are you telling yourself to justify making your unborn child smoke?

Q2: Where did you learn that belief?

charles stevenson

List of ten myths discussed in video (there’s more in there too)

  • “I smoked during my last pregnancy and had a healthy baby, so this baby will be healthy, too.”
  • There is nothing wrong with having a small baby as it’s easier for me.”
  • “I’m already three months pregnant so there’s no point in stopping smoking now, since the damage is done.”
  • I know that my quitting smoking during pregnancy will be too stressful on my baby.
  • “If I stop smoking, I’ll gain too much weight.”
  • But my baby’s protected when in the womb.”
  • “Well, my mum smoked when she had me and I’ve turned out ok haven’t I?”
  • Smoking is my time and it helps me deal with stress.”
  • “I don’t have the willpower to quit.”
  • I’ll just cut down. Everyone knows that simply smoking fewer cigarettes during pregnancy is good enough.
Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy Financial Costs Savings Benefits Myths Truths

Do you know the FINANCIAL cost of your smoking habit?

We all know how costly being a parent can be.

That’s why I’ve also added some high-level facts and figures that compares the suggested cost to look after a child from 0 to 18 with the amount spent on cigarette smoking by the average person.

You need to hear this!

Whatever your age and however many times you’ve tried to quit before – and even if you’ve never tried to quit in the past, this time can be the one and only time you need.

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