How to re-build your confidence

This is something which I’ll be re-visiting again in subsequent posts, but wanted to write something quick here.

There are many ways that problems in confidence show up in our lives.

Sometimes we begin to doubt what we should be doing, other-times we act big or tough to cover up our lack of confidence.

Whilst we would all like to have grown up in a loving family with loving parents around us, this doesn’t occur for everyone.

During those early years, if we haven’t had a chance to practice and learn how confident people interact we will develop distorted ways of thinking about how to behave.

It’s as if, without useful and helpful examples we’re not able to develop ‘healthy’ ways to act confidently, which sets in place limiting patterns for our futures.

Once these patterns set in and become our automatic default positions, everything else we attempt to do will be filtered through this way of thinking.

Sometimes we can put up a facade, or a personality or face that lets other people believe we are confident, however, when we are home alone then our true feelings come to the surface. This can be why people become caught up in being busy or active all the time, to avoid acknowledging those feelings which are bubbling away just under the surface.

Many times others might have noticed that we are acting different but do not feel it is their place to comment.

If you feel you are troubled by feelings of low self-confidence or that your lack of confidence is stopping you enjoying your life, then you owe it to yourself to break free from those limitations.

I”m sure we can overcome your issues with self-confidence and where once there was a lack of confidence this can be replaced by a balanced and healthy feeling of being able to achieve more and do more in your life.

Drop me a message telling me something about what’s going on in your life and I’d be pleased to see if I can offer some suggestions for you that might help.