Relationship troubles, divorce and separation

Problems within relationships can occur for partners at any age, from your 20’s, up into your 80’s and beyond. It’s number two on the standard stressful life events scale, second only to the death of a spouse.

Sometimes these events hit us like a “blot from the blue”, other-times we might have had a feeling something was amiss.

Unfortunately, however, when we face big issues such as these we can often feel as if we are running on autopilot, reacting without thinking.  It’s as if our brain-cells conspire to say or do things that we might know are wrong, but we seem unable to stop ourselves.

Some people find themselves caught up in a mixture of guilt, anger, betrayal or sadness. Thoughts often occur such as ‘why me?’ or ‘what did I do wrong?’ are often times questions that are not easy to put to one side.

Along with the emotional issues there can be the pressure of dealing with solicitors and a legal process that is costly and drawn out. Sometimes friends and family appear to take sides and are unwilling to hear your side of the story.

There can also be the need to re-build or re-start a life, perhaps alone for the first time in many years.

Feelings of failure or loss can be overwhelming, when the reality that the life they believed and hoped would last forever, will not.

And it’s hard to come to terms with change when there’s the issue of who will look after the children or if the other ex-partner decides to settle down just around the corner with their new partner.

Perhaps you might still work in the same company or you are both members of the same social groups and every time you see them unresolved negative feelings well up inside you, with nowhere to go.

Running through all of these situations are your emotions and feelings, some positive, but lots more negative.

Ignoring them works for a while but that’s tiring and can sometimes delay the process of moving on more than you might wish.

And it’s with the help of hypnotherapy that the various patterns and behaviours we use can be looked at, reviewed, and if necessary, amended so that you can come through the whole process of divorce or separation ready to move on into the next phase of your life.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can offer a fast, powerful and effective way to identify and release those feelings so that you can act with more clarity and no longer respond automatically to whatever is going on around you.


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