It is all to easy for our self-esteem, our self-belief to be damaged or hurt by comments or actions of others. Sometimes we can even get into the habit of putting ourselves down, for no apparent reason.

Those feelings can be like water wearing away the surface of cliffs.

Individually the water droplets don’t do much, but day after day, year after year, the long-term effects are to wear away the strongest of materials.

And in a similar way that’s how we find our self-esteem ebbing away.

Snide comments, bad memories, old failures, wasted chances. A myriad selection of thoughts and feelings conspire to wear us down and then we feel stuck – unable to change.

There is a way, however.

Using hypnotherapy and BWRT® we can resolve those patterns and bring stop them repeating any longer. Then, as each day passes, you’ll find yourself becoming ever more confident and happy as the new you as your self-esteem re-grows once again.


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